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We have a very thorough search at the top right of the web. You can search for a word within the name or description of the product. Look for "spoon", for example, and you will return all products related to that word.



Sample search for spoon:

Sample search


Advanced search:

 Advanced search


The advanced search menu is very complete, you can search the entire site, product descriptions only. Search by category.

In group settings you select or color or age, and so the following options will you all colors and ages we have chosen.

And if you're looking for a price you can also set the lowest and highest price.

As you can see is a SUPER SEARCH..



User registration is at the top of the page. We strongly recommend that you register if you have the following benefits:

  1. Minidots accumulate loyalty points. (See section 4 on the Loyalty)
  2. Participate in special offers for registered users.
  3. Not having to fill in your details on each order.
  4. View historical purchases at Mini Territory
  5. Use the user area (where you can track your every move, including managing the wish list, returns,)
  6. Want to participate in reviews of products..




The high territoriomini.com users is free and carries no additional cost to be a member of the website.

Anyone of any age and nationality, may be a registered user territoriomini.com.However, reserves the right territoriomini general admission, and certain sections reserved under the age of the user.

Territoriomini.com not guarantee delivery of orders to certain geographic areas of the world. So please check the section Orders and Shipments of these Regulations.

The user can only register only once in territoriomini.com. The system verifies that the user IDs and email addresses are not duplicated when registering, and if an individual resident in Spain or Spanish, the authenticity of the DNI / NIE and if there is duplication of the same. It is strictly forbidden to use false information to register.

The user must complete the following required fields to register:


Territoriomini.com guarantees the protection and confidentiality of all personal data that users provide during the course of using the web, whose treatment will be subject to Law 15/1999 of 13 December Data Protection Personal.

It is not mandatory to complete the fields in the User Profile. These data will be used to facilitate and customize the product offering, and also the user can benefit from the interactive effect or that operate in the future within the Community section.

Once registered and logged in (login), you can enjoy all the services available in territoriomini.com. Also according to the type of user you are, you can access reserved content, participate in contests, surveys, events and other activities that provide regular territoriomini.com to the delight of its users.

The user will have the User Area, where you can perform the following steps:

User Area


Expiration of Session: For security reasons the length of user session, once started, will be 20 minutes (in which the user interacts with the web). After this time the session is closed automatically and the user must restart your session with your login data (username and password).



The organization reserves the right territoriomini.com admission and cancellation of users registered as members of the website. The cancellation may be implemented without notice to the applicant.

Involving users in the various sections of the website of territoriomini.com is voluntary, free, and promotes the concept of a caring community in which each member contributes their ideas, thoughts or feelings of free ( Long live freedom of speech!) and disinterested.To meet this objective, it is recommended that users comply with the following rules (netiquette) in consideration of the common good and the sensitivity of other users:

The user must not use abusive, insulting or obscene. The world is not to take any more nonsense or foolish, and certainly not encouraged territoriomini.com under any circumstances.

The user must not use the services of territoriomini.com to promote political, religious or dogmatic in any form.

Territoriomini.com share the intellectual property of all contributions to the authors, provided that such contributions to comply.

However, the organization of territoriomini.com not responsible for the content posted by its users, and in case of irregularities or abnormalities of use, the user may be expelled from the website without prior notice.



Add to your order: You can add to the shopping cart from the data sheet.

Add to your order


Access to shopping:  You can access the shopping cart from the top.

Access to shopping


Add to your wish list: This button will keep those products you like and you want them for a future purchase.

Add to your wish list


Steps: once you have all your products in the shopping cart, with correct units, you can start the transaction by pressing the "Pay Now".

You'll be on the next screen where you have the following processes:


Delivery proces


Billing Details: Here you must choose the direction you have already registered or you can put a new billing address.

Delivery Details: You can choose standard delivery address or choose a new delivery address, such work is a gift and you want to send to another address.


Delivery Details


Shipping Methods: You can choose how you need transport depending on the urgencyyou want your order and your budget. You can even save the cost of transportation if you live in Madrid and you stop by our oficces to the order.

General Street Pardiñas, 71 In schedule recommended from 17.00 to 20.30. In the morning check.


Shipping Methods


Payment: You have several payment methods in our territory.

By bank transfer, you will receive an email with details to make payment.
COD. The transit agency is responsible for collecting the order and therefore charge youa fee for this service.
Paypal. You can pay by credit card and always work with all cards. Also no need to be registered in PAYPAL because you can do it without registration or if you have them do it with your balance.

You can see the conditions and payment later in this document.


Confirm your order: You will see the shopping cart with the amount of the shipping method you selected and ready to be managed.

The possible states of the order are:



Packaging order

To ensure the protection of all our products in shipping, packaging Territoriomini.com provides appropriate to each product and order to preserve the product in the transport and everything arrives in perfect condition.


Gift Package Service

En territoriomini.com  te ofrecemos un servicio Paquete Regalo para aquellos usuarios que realicen un pedido y quieran enviarlo como regalo a otra persona.

In territoriomini.com you offer a Gift Package for users who want to place an order and send as gift to another person.

Gift service includes:

The cost for the service gift package is 4 Euros.



In territoriomini.com only accept payments in Euros. We offer 5 different ways to make your purchases: credit card (Visa or Visa Electron, Mastercard), by bank transfer, PayPal, COD, and cash or card in the Office Territoriomini.com collection in Madrid.





You can transfer files:

Owner: Territorio Mini SL
Entidad: Sabadell Atlantico
Número de cuenta (IBAN):ES7500817305100001111912

Important: : If the user, by a margin of 7 calendar days has not made the transfer payment, the order is automatically canceled.



When choosing the payment method, once filled in the order data, the user must select the type of "PayPal".

From Pay Pal you can pay by bank transfer, pay your balance using PayPal or credit card.

Note: If you wish to pay by card and you fail with our payment gateway (Virtual POS) proof do through Pay Pall.



When choosing the payment method, once filled in the order data, the user must select the form of "cash on delivery." The system will send to the email account user, a confirmation of the order placed and marked, at the web and on your order confirmation email we send you this payment method.
COD orders are only valid for Peninsular Spain and Portugal.

Collection management costs:



For users of Madrid Capital give you the option of pickup at our office. Simply check the box office pickup, after selecting the payment method (we include ways to pay cash on collection). The collection schedule is Monday through Friday from 12:00 to 14:00 and 17:00 to 20:30. You can deliver it or leave it to the concierge of the building to make you management.



Orders for items in stock will ship immediately.
If the items ordered were not in stock (Reserve) will be served at the time received in territoriomini.com. We promise to send an e-mail within 15 days (from the date you placed the order) to tell the time within which we can send your (s) product (s).

The deadline for receipt of the goods in territoriomini.com can range from 1 to 5 weeks.
Territoriomini.com orders are sent by a courier service delivery in 24-48 hours via transport agency, one of the leading logistics companies in Spain. Deliveries in Europe and around the world are made through its International Network of Agents.

Territoriomini guarantees shipment within 24-48 business hours for all products that have stock and if orders are received in our office before 16:00 hours from Monday to Thursday and Friday before 14.00 (GMT +1 ) with the exceptions listed in the tables of shipping zones.Orders received on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays shall be deemed received the first working day after it.

Note: The order will be issued provided that the payment was successful and we have verified the income of the same.


Sale prices indicated on the website are in Euros. VAT is included in these prices, but no shipping costs. Shipping charges are borne by the user and added to the total amount of the selected products once the order.

We reserve the right to change our prices at any time. However, we are committed to applying the current rates listed on the web at the time of the completion of your order.

See all shipping rates



In Territoriomini.com believe that the best delivery service is provided by the private courier service with door to door. Thus, as logistics agency Mrw have contracted with one of the most reputable companies in service .. They are very fast and effective, and usually no more than 24 hours after the order is shipped (if it is outside the capital of any province)).


Do not worry, you leave a message or try to contact you via the phone number you left when ordering.


Yes, they will leave their number for you to contact them directly and may remember the pickup or delivery.


Normalmente lo guardan 10 días naturales. Si transcurrido ese plazo no has ido a recoger tu pedido, la empresa Logística nos devuelve el pedido. Esto nos ocasiona un gasto de devolución del envío, por lo cual te pedimos que lo recojas en ese plazo.



From Spain:
Owner: Territorio Mini SL
Entity: Sabadell Atlantico
Sabadell Atlantico 0081 - 7305 - 10 -0001111912

From abroad:
Entity: Sabadell Atlantico
Account Number (IBAN): ES7500817305100001111912

To expedite the identification of the origin of transfer, we ask users to include the order number as a concept of transference.
After the transfer, to expedite the submission, we suggest users to send the receipt of the transfer info@territoriomini.com email or send us fax to (+34) 902001079.



Orders can be canceled provided the order has not been issued. If the order was issued and a user wishes to cancel, you must refuse delivery to the courier. Once the messaging we return the order will proceed to refund the order less shipping and returns. If the order is to cash on, that user will be blacklisted making it impossible for other requests for damages. Please pray seriously in this matter, as we want to maintain good faith that distinguishes us from the beginning of Territoriomini.com.

In case of an order by bank transfer, if the amount was not paid will be up to 7 calendar days to cancel. Should have been more than 7 days and has not been paid, the order will be canceled automatically.






All the information you need is in the same file for each product. We tell you about the product (description), the size, weight, grades and lots of pictures showing you every nook and cranny of our products.





The product availability changes from day to day, or almost every time of day. We can not guarantee availability especially if the request has not been paid (ie cash on delivery and bank transfers). In short, try to put a counter stock in the product sheets for users to know that fewer than 5 units.

Items in reservation means that products are purchased the user request, ie, we ask exactly those units to manufacturers and "normally" It takes 2 to 3 weeks. Fortunately, we have most of the catalog in stock, or we try ... where is our crystal ball for these cases ...: S



The price of the products may vary by season and for many reasons, as they are products of foreign manufacturers have to import products and many factors (if there is a war in the Middle East, if the dollar is very low, if the price of oil is sky high, if there is a crisis, if the manufacturer gets tough, and so on., etc.).
However, in territoriomini.com do an effort to maintain prices.



You can evaluate any of our products, if you really have bought and tested. Works only for registered users.

You will find them at the end of the file for each product:



We encourage you to leave us your comments and ratings ... especially so that other users know more about the product.

Even after the order, you can make an assessment through eKomi. In our home you can find the anonymous opinions of customers after the purchase.




Since the inception of internet, such as security or trust terms have been key issues in electronic commerce. Currently, the trust continues to develop an essential role in electronic commerce, becoming an essential requirement if we get positive results from our introduction as a global market that offers e-commerce.

Initially the term trust is contemplated only to the technological field, when they appeared concepts such as data encryption or
security in payment systems. But over time emerged companies providing quality seals belonging to what may be called as, the legal level of confidence.

Today we are in the era of Web 2.0, in which gain relevance both the people who make up the trust established between them. The trend toward social commerce involves the integration of customers in the buying process, according to slogans such as "Customers rely on customers."

Under this approach Michael Ambros and Marcus Ross are eKomi.

In order to achieve transparency and purchases made through the network, promoting the creation of a new market valuations.
eKomi manages an intelligent service ratings from customers, enabling businesses and consumers to conduct secure transactions and transparent.

EKomi currently handles millions of views for thousands of online businesses from a total of eight countries, ranking as one of the companies leading the market valuation of views.






Contact us when you want to info@territoriomini.com. It is the best way to contact us and we can answer that even during the weekends.
You can also use our contact form by clicking here.



You can chat with us Territoriomini Chat service, you'll find it on any page OBNI. Office hours are Monday through Thursday from 10:00 to 14:00 and 16:00 to 19:00 and Fridays from 10 to 15h. Summer hours are Monday through Friday from 10 to 15hh.




You can also make your queries and orders by phone, by calling 902 001 089 from Monday to Thursday from 10:00 to 14:00 and 16:00 to 19:00 and Fridays from 10 to 15h.Summer hours are Monday through Friday from 10 to 15h.

Failure to respond will return your call as we are all missed, and we may be talking and that is why you can not attend..



Users can communicate your complaints, objections or complaints by e-mail the web info@territorimini.com well can write a letter to the following addressn:

Territorio Mini SL
 Calle General Pardiñas, 71
 28006 Madrid
For any complaint or claim is valid the user curse, you must be a registered user and force, and therefore need to provide the following information:

Territoriomini.com team commits to attend to all complaints and claims of registered users within 72 hours.





The minidots-Euros are loyalty points that only registered user builds up in your account.Corresponds to 3% of each amount paid (only on the value of products). If you accumulate purchases € 100 € 3 discount for the next order.



From April 2012 all Territoriomini.com users, registered and who have accumulated points for their orders can start enjoying them. It will be as easy as applying the discount for the next order. This option is in the order form. We will notify you well, do not worry.






If you are tired of using the typical gift that none of your customers / employees like and that in most cases it parked in the drawer of his desk, Territoriomini.com is your solution.

We offer a different alternative, creative sure to surprise them all.

Our products are imported objects designer, different, with high quality finishes.

For employees, customers or suppliers, territoriomini.com gives exclusive products and remains a great company!

Call us at 902 001 089 for prices and stock.


In Territoriomini.com, we have the ability to manage production as with most of our products, we maintain excellent relations with each of our manufacturers. If there is anything you like as a promotional item, or simply as a business gift, write: info@territoriomini.com

We can customize products according to the needs of each client.



We are thinking ... if you have a place and look forward to working with our products and our image, write: info@territoriomini.com



Very soon ... we will start this year with a store in Madrid. And if all goes well, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Bilbao, Santiago, La Coruna, Las Palmas ...;) Dreaming is free!


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